Experience the real India

Korai, a hamlet nestled in Agra, just off the Fatehpur Sikri Highway is surely a must visit. It is a fulfilling experience that will give you a glimpse into the daily life of the tribal villagers of India.

This village belongs to former bear rearers whose only source of livelihood was making money through bear and monkey dances. However, after their bears got snatched away by the wildlife authorities because of protection of animal rights, they have been struggling to survive each day as they were not given any compensation.

Of the millions of tourists who travel to India annually, only a handful get a chance to visit and experience this part of the country. So, here’s your chance to break away from the popular touristy routes and try something new this time that makes your Indian trip a memorable one, a trip you’ll cherish your entire life. Come visit Korai and get a wonderful opportunity to see village life from up close and also a chance to interact with the villagers, learning about their unique, and yet simple lifestyle. Come visit and help bring happiness into their lives once again!

Village at a Glance